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DragonBase proudly present Original Feature Documentary that will enlighten you on casinos and their table games, never before full examination of the history of casinos and the game of blackjack, explicit interviews on gaming professionals, mathematicians, house staff, securities, players, winners, addicts, to fulfill one of the most mysterious human curiosity on the subject of luck and possibilities - watch “Game of Chance” on Amazon and Vimeo On Demand.

A never before angle to look at the game Blackjack. From the dealer's point of view to the players’, Game of Chance tells you all about the meaning of “luck”. Casinos in Las Vegas are fun places to travel, and everybody at some point wins something, but there are also people who became addicted and lost everything.

In this documentary, we talk about all the aspects of gambling in a Blackjack table. This is not a story teaching you how to count cards and win money - nope we are not doing another “21” movie. However, we are doing a movie that is more realistic and meaningful for the people that experienced winning and losing in the casinos.