DragonBase Coming to Canada in Year 2020!

This January 2020 brings a brand new chapter to DragonBase Entertainment. Heading to Hollywood North, DragonBase brings their professionally trained film crew and editorial staff to establish the commercial media branch of the company.

Located in beautiful British Columbia, DragonBase Global was formed in 2018, as a newly established advertising agency for the local businesses in metro Vancouver. DragonBase Global is a distinguished branch of DragonBase Entertainment and is currently expanding to other great Canadian provinces including Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.

While DragonBase Entertainment based in Los Angeles California mainly focuses on producing feature film, TV shows, and entertainment news for broadcast, cinemas, and streaming platforms, DragonBase Global aims to provide opportunities and solutions for business owners to increase their brand awareness and sales in a competitive global market.

DragonBase Global targets any start-up tech companies, local hospitality and service providers, real estate developers, and innovative corporations for their need to deliver better performance on company sales and revenue through advertising, marketing, and publicity.

For more information, please check out our new DragonBase Global website! dragonbaseglobal.com