About us

We are a California based production company, producing and distributing digital content to various world-leading broadcast stations and streaming services, including the Walt Disney Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, NBC Universal, Amazon Studios and Univision Networks.

Currently expanding our brand to Canada, China, and Central America regions, we now empower an even more Armodafinil-vs-Modafinil diverse range of content creators, cinematographers, post-production specialists, editors, and graphic designers.

 Established in 2015, our company received widespread recognition in producing documentary features in a fast-paced global market and establishing a multilingual team of professionals specialized in onset camera and lighting operations and post-production.

Dragonbase is committed to maintain multi-culture work environment where all our colleagues have a great time working together on each project and thrive on their career advancement. The exchange of canadianpharmacy365.net ideas and viewpoints drives innovation and inspires powerful storytelling that resonates with audiences.


Dragonbase Entertainment produces and distributes compelling entertainment content through multiple broadcasts, streaming and social media platforms. Our goal is to create culturally significant content for our global consumers and at the same time driving commercial importance for distributors and advertisers. We maintain a fast track record of our content’s popularity ratings in all platforms and measure each of our projects’ success by reaching out to audiences and business partners. We have a steady system that is rapidly and strategically building up our content popularity, business credibility, and global recognition. Our team of professionals and joint forces from talents around the world allow us to deliver entertainment and commercial content that engages and informs audiences. We welcome all business partners that share the same universal values and thrive to develop consumer relationships and commercial success, aiming at investing for capital gains on our current projects, or invest in new initiatives..