World Class Cinematography and Post Production

Dragonbase Entertainment produces and distributes compelling entertainment content through multiple broadcasts, streaming and social media platforms. Our goal is to create culturally significant Modafinil content for our global consumers and at the same time driving commercial importance for distributors and advertisers.

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From lights to the cameras, we provide Hollywood standard high-quality equipment, with top industry sophisticated modern filmmaking techniques, to guarantee the audience’s engagement to the stories we tell and the artistic imagery we present.

Best in Class Design

We produce a variety of top quality content created with the most updated specifications and standards in the film and media industry. Content including but not limited to entertainment news, TV shows, live performances, feature documentaries, and streaming shows.


With edgy video editing and sound recording/mixing systems, we aim to deliver our audience a profound display of imagination and designs in post-production, connecting stories and themes in the most creative way possible.

Cinematography, an artistic expression of life!

We provide a one-stop solution to all our clients

From ideas to screen time, our team of professionals delivers the best quality production and delicately edited final portfolio to customers.

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